About me.

Hello! I’m Daniel Avellaneda, Photographer, I capture your best moments from your most special events and turn them into Memories.

I work on every detail so that your moments are captured in photos for a lifetime (birthdays, maternity, graduation, weddings, newborns, commitment and family portraits).

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my work! I will be more than happy to turn your memories into images that will last over time.


Let’s keep things simple. I offer style photographs and style products for independent creators, designers, craftsmen and stores. Whether you are looking for a new album for your new collection, photos to show your products, photos of the interior or exterior of your beautiful store or images for your social networks and blogs.

I’m here to help you! Instead of charging for image (I do not think it’s really fair!) I offer hourly rates that apply to all photo sessions, regardless of the subject.

This means that you can mix and match what you want to photograph, for example: you may want product photos, as well as photos of the inside of your store, which is fine for me. My standard rate (as of April 2018) is $ 150 for one hour, but to get a specific quote for your photo session, please contact us to let us know what you are looking for.